Important Information Regarding Price Disclosure

Thank you for choosing Silver Lake Hospital LTACH for your care. We take pride in offering exceptional care and service to our patients and their families. The information provided is intended to help you better understand costs for healthcare services.

The prices provided are estimated net prices and are not quotes or guarantee of final billed charges. Final billed charges may vary from hospital estimates for a variety of reason, including the patient’s medical condition, unknown circumstances or complications, final diagnosis and recommended treatment. The prices may not represent all services offered by Silver Lake Hospital LTACH. Benefits and eligibility are subject to change and are not a guarantee of payment. For any questions about our services or prices please contact our billing department:

Tel:973-387-7901 E-mail::

For questions about provider services, please contact the given provider. If you are insured, you should also contact your insurer to understand their coverage of services and confirm individual payment responsibilities or remaining deductible balances.

Nothing herein guarantees eligibility, coverage, payment, or determines or guarantees any benefits, limitations or exclusions of coverage. For a complete description of the details of your coverage, please refer to your coverage information from your health insurance carrier. If you have insurance, your insurance policy will further determine the amount owed.

The costs provided in this disclosure are estimates only and not a guarantee of payment or benefits. The estimates are based on certain rates or fees with Medicare and insurance carriers. The actual cost may be higher or lower than listed for various reasons. The patient will be responsible for the cost of any services not covered by insurance. The patient will also be responsible for any physician or other professional fees.

For self-pay patients or insurances that do not participate with Medicare guidelines, the hospital has a varying per diem rate based on the diagnosis but are subdivided into three levels based on the severity of care required.

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